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London, Part II

I visited London City office of my company on 20th of February again and attended the technical session of LOSUG. I went to the city by trains with my power chair as usual. The trip was smoother than ever as a wheelchair traveler. The following is an e-mail I wrote the next day to my colleagues who organized the technical session. They also promoted my first technical presentation in last December, whose demo didn't get through.

Actually, it was good and was the first trip that I had no major problems ...

The last time in December on the return trip, I had to wait more than one hour at freezing Ascot because the station staff thought that I can use a normal taxi ... It took some time to explain that I needed an accessible taxi, as you imagine. He had no ideas what he could do. So Igave him the business card of our famous Euro taxi since they are 24 hour service, and asked to call them. It solved the problem.

The same guy was working at Ascot last night. Then, he appeared to have learned the lesson in December. He arranged it before I got Ascot, and an accessible taxi was waiting for me what I got there. I had no delay,no problem, and no argues this time, which was good thing, I believe.

We had minor adventure when we went out for lunch! I don't tell you the details, but driving the chair in the city is pretty much same as playing video games!

And I like to share one more story which is a good story different from above. Last night before LOSUG session began, while we were sort of snacking, one guy approached me and started chatting with me. He also came LOSUG in December and attended my "unforgettable" session. He told me that the session was good, and kept talking. It was first time that someone approached me and started a chat. I brought him to the front of a desktop and we had casual talk with using the keyboard, which was nice. He would start working at Sun and we might see each other, again... It was a good surprise to me. Now I felt good about the "remarkably miserable" session of LOSUG.


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Good job!
Your drive on the power chair in the city is a sort of a thing that I would love to try as an adventure. (With no offence though.)
I read your presentation in Dec, it is something that everyone experience. 100s of mistakes will lead to 1 success or less, and you're not alone! That's what I've learned from lots of mistakes.
I hope your LOSUG went as how you expected this time.

投稿: mick | 2008/02/24 00:41

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