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Where is this?

Amsubway2 It's the Subway ski slope at Alpine Meadows, California. You can see ski lifts in the photos. The photos were taken from Google Earth, which I played with on Saturday.

Usually, we give an address to it, and it searchs the place for us. But this time, I, who like to read maps and to do ground navigation, tried to get a place just with using zooming pretty far from the earth.

First, I tested to search the cabin in Minessota, U.S.A. which I stayed at during my winter dogsled camping oh well 14 years ago. But there are many similar long narrow shape lakes in the boundary water area with Canada; I couldn't find it. A part of the reasons is, of course, my memory has not been updated for 14 years.

So I changed my target to the place I'm more familier with. Alpine Medows was the place I used to go often when I was living in California for skiing. And it's the place I missed most!!! I'm living in U.K. now. I believe that the photo from a Satelite was taken in the end of May or June, but I'm still very happy to see the lifts I used a lot. I skied the slope many times with my instructors at Adaptive Ski School. I'll be there, oh surely at some points in the future.




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投稿: こうたろう | 2007/02/17 10:31

Thanks, oh, you must have missed it since you've living east of Lake Tahoe for long time.

投稿: いさむ@UK | 2007/02/19 00:33


投稿: Yuki | 2007/02/22 07:48



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